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Uses for Wood Ash

This Old House Magazine gives 10 uses for wood ash. One in particular interested me. I have a pond in my backyard that tends grow algae during the hot summer months. According to the article, “One tablespoon per 1,000 gallons adds enough potassiumm to strengthen other aquatic plants that compete …

Sport Stacking?

I saw these plastic cups being sold in a Toys-R-Us store billed as some sort of game. Sure enough, it’s all the rage with kids, stacking plastic cups, who’d a thunk it? And of course it originated in California. Here’s a video of a world record stacker.

What’s all the bump about?

For some of these items you may just say, “Well, of course, you didn’t know that!?” Anyway, I just now realized what it means when I see “bump” or “bumpity bump” in a forum post. It’s a simple technique to get a discussion thread posted to the top of the …

Why did we stop using ‘Thou’?

I sometimes wonder why somethings become archaic, why does something else become the norm? Here’s an interesting discussion on the reasons why we started using “you” as opposed to “thou.” Still not a definitive conclusion, but compelling none the least.