Podcast / Reading List

pixabay / ottlukas14
A good bit of what I report here I gleaned from listening to podcasts. Here’s my current lineup that I listen to regularly:

The Breakpoint Podcast
The Business
NPR Business Story of the Day
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Damn Interesting
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
The Edit Bay
How I Built This with Guy Raz
The Indicator from Planet Money
The McLaughlin Group
The Memory Palace
Neil Cavuto
No Dumb Questions
On the Media
The Peter Schiff Show Podcast
Planet Money
Radiolab Presents: More Perfect
Revisionist History
Reply All
StartUp Podcast
60 Minutes
99% Invisible

I also aggregate the daily emails from Flipboard and Pocket, pulling out articles that look interesting. Most of the time I do not get around to reading the full articles. You can see a list in the right column ->