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Talk about Shipping and Handling charges!

As I browse items on ebay, I’m always chagrined at some of the people who tend to gouge on shipping charges in order to increase the bottom line on low cost items. Here’s one for ya, how about almost $1,000,000 to ship two washers worth 38 cents! Guess who paid …

Demanding Democracy

In his book, This Just In: What I Couldn’t Tell You on TV Bob Schieffer recalls fellow reporter Eric Sevareid saying, “Democracy requires more of it’s citizens than any other form of government.” That certainly rings true with the difficulty of the citizens of Iraq to come together to form …

Pentagon’s Open Door

Bob Schieffer in his book This Just In: What I Couldn’t Tell You on TV tells how the Pentagon in the early 70s was open to the public (at least the outer rings). There were no security checks or clearances needed. The public could wander in and out at their …

Financial report for the MTV crowd.

Don’t ask me how I run across these things, but I was entertained by this guy’s video. It’s about Canadian government politics but an interesting presentation. Now this is a financial report I could watch! He reminds me of Rick Moranis, come to think of it he’s from Canada too.

All Governments are Deceitful.

A comment in the summation of Sebastian Jungers book A Death in Belmont made me think a bit. “All governments are deceitful, because it’s much easier to be deceitful than truthful. And most of the time it is no more sinister than that.” A Death in Belmont

Per Pupil Education Expenditure

According to John Stossel in his book Lies, Myths and Downright Stupidity, public education spends, on average, $10,000 per pupil per year. He maintains that public education is a wasteful government mandated monopoly. Our children’s education would be better served if competition was involved for those education dollars.

Thanksgiving nuggets

In Lincoln’s original declaration of the last Thursday in November as a National holiday, he designated it as a “Day of Thanksgiving and Praise.” In 1939, FDR changed Thanksgiving to the next to last Thursday. Roosevelt hoped that the lengthened Christmas shopping season would lift the nation out of it’s …