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Colonial City of ill repute

According to author David Hackett Fischer, in his book Washingtons Crossing a survey taken of the population of New York City shortly after the revolution found that 20 percent of women of child bearing age were prostitutes. Washingtons Crossing

Donald Rumsfeld’s resume

Regardless of your opinion of Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense, he has a very impressive resume. Attended Princeton on a Navy ROTC scholarship. Navy pilot and flight instructor Two and a half terms in Congress Nixon’s cabinet Ambassador to NATO Secretary of Defense under Ford CEO of a several …

Well, I could read 1,000 books.

According to author David Vise, 1,000 books are published each week in the United States. Seems to make Books-a-Million’s name not sound so extravagant a claim. Boy, that’s a lot of paper! The Google Story


So begins another side project of mine. Everytime I listen to a book about technology history (at the moment The Google Story), I’m inspired to work on a project of my own. For my own amusement, I had an idea to make a daily blog of one single thing that …