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Limitless Free Energy?

UPDATE 6/2018: As with most TGTBT claims, this company has long been defunct. The Steorn company claims to have developed a limitless free energy technology. They state on their web site they “…have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy.” They are a little evasive about …

VR RC Plane Cam

Here’s a guy whose attached a camera to his RC airplane. But he’s also devised a goggle that lets him move the camera by positioning his head. Really cool. Discovered on Google video.

The US Navy’s Zeppelin

I caught this little item on a radio newscast. Seems they’ve discovered the undersea wreckage of a huge airship of the Navy, the USS Macon that crashed in 1935. I never knew the US military had dirigibles similar to the Hindenburg that infamously went down in flames. This one had …


So begins another side project of mine. Everytime I listen to a book about technology history (at the moment The Google Story), I’m inspired to work on a project of my own. For my own amusement, I had an idea to make a daily blog of one single thing that …