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The New Year – Your Blog Stinks

Okay already, not sure if anybody is really reading this, but I’m going to try to do better. Just got really busy! Hey, somebody make a comment or two!

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Limitless Free Energy?

UPDATE 6/2018: As with most TGTBT claims, this company has long been defunct.

The Steorn company claims to have developed a limitless free energy technology. They state on their web site they “…have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy.” They are a little evasive about how it actually works and also say that no scientists they have approached would go on record as saying the technology works. The web site says that the technology evolved during the development of “micro generators.” My hunch is that this nano technology may seem to provide the energy at the molecular level but has yet to see a feasible way to expand it’s energy production to a level needed to power something. Or I could be completely wrong, anyway you can explore it yourself if you find this…something of interest.

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Malcom McLean, father of the shipping container

While visiting the NC Transportation Museum, I noticed a display about shipping containers. Malcom McLean, a North Carolina native, is credited as the inventor of the idea to ship goods in containers that can be easily transfered to other modes of transportation. This one development revolutionized the World economy. Read his fascinating story:

You can also find some interesting uses for these containers, such as building homes and shelters. Just google “shipping container homes.”

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VR RC Plane Cam

Here’s a guy whose attached a camera to his RC airplane. But he’s also devised a goggle that lets him move the camera by positioning his head. Really cool. Discovered on Google video.

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The US Navy’s Zeppelin

I caught this little item on a radio newscast. Seems they’ve discovered the undersea wreckage of a huge airship of the Navy, the USS Macon that crashed in 1935. I never knew the US military had dirigibles similar to the Hindenburg that infamously went down in flames. This one had bi-planes it could deploy and retrieve.

Explore this topic:

Info and pics

Video Newstory on the exploration

Vintage footage of the airship

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So begins another side project of mine. Everytime I listen to a book about technology history (at the moment The Google Story), I’m inspired to work on a project of my own. For my own amusement, I had an idea to make a daily blog of one single thing that I could say that I learned or discovered that day. Something, I did not know and found interesting enough to share with others. The World Wide Web is an incredible treasure trove of information and cease pool of time consuming waste. My goal is to find something of worthwhile interest. So here it is, the daily blog of one item of interest. Interesting, to me and hopefully to you also. I can’t promise that you will always find what I come up with as interesting as I do but thanks for reading anyway.