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The Lone Filmmaker

This guy is making a film on his own, by himself, with no help. He’s writer, director, camera, lighting, costumer, editor, etc. And you get to come along for the ride as he documents his success and failures.

Roadside Giants

I stumbled on this in the Waymarking site. There’s a category of Giant Fiberglass Statues a.k.a. Muffler Men. I noticed a lot of them looked alike and must have been produced by one company for sale. After a quick Google search I found my answer and an interesting story. Steve: …

Ascii Art

Here’s a site of some of that old ascii art. Pictures of celebrities created entirely from ascii characters. I remember in typing class in high school using old fashion typewriters to create ‘type art’ but not quite on the scale as these. Update: link appears to have died, see …

Jonny Quest was a primetime program

A favorite cartoon of my youth, I was surprised to discover that it originally aired in prime time for a single season. “26 Jonny Quest episodes originally aired in primetime during the 1964-65 season.” There have been a few resurrections of the series, but none have come close in quality …