Infect me!

In our modern obsession of cleanliness and ubiquitous anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, we may have upset the unseen balance in our bodies. Is it possible to be TOO clean? Have we inadvertently scrubbed away the GOOD bacteria that make us healthy.

This NY Times article covers research into the five pounds of GOOD bacteria that live on and in our bodies.
In Good Health? Thank Your 100 Trillion Bacteria

Could being infected with a hook worm help your asthma? Listen or read the third act of This American Life episode.
Act Three. As The Worm Turns.

Fecal implant anyone? Cutting edge medicine or mad science quackery, you decide.
Freakonomics Radio: The Power of Poop

UPDATE 2/2015
Another Fecal implant story, plus get 40 bucks a poop!

NY Daily News article on OpenBiome

A story about an Indiana grandma who killed off a devastating superbug with a homemade fecal transplant and then embarked on a crusade to win over the FDA. Narratively web site

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