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The 13 Month Calendar

I love the podcast 99% Invisible, I could probably post almost all of their episodes here on my blog of interesting things I learned. This one, though, really appealed to me. I really liked this idea of reforming the calendar to a 13 month schedule. Every month would have 28 days and each day of the month would correspond to the same number in each month, e.g. the second is always a Monday, the twenty first is always a Saturday. All holidays would be moved to Monday. (Although, I’m very fond of Thanksgiving, since it falls on a Thursday, most offices will take the rest of the week off.) Traditionalists would be appalled, especially the problem with what to do with July 4th holiday. Wikipedia has a page on it listing pros and cons of the calendar, where, I believe, most to the cons are weak (or should that be week). Alas, it’s only a thought experiment, I really don’t think it would ever catch on.


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This is not a new idea, there has always been a 13 month calendar because there is 13 moon phases, one month per phase. Every month originally has 28 days. If you take all of the blank spaces on a calendar it will always add up to 28. Look way back in history of the 13 month calendar and you can see for yourself. Just do a little bit of research and you will find what your looking for. I hope that I have shed some light on this topic for you. Check out the old roman calendars and some of the others you will find too.

According to David Straight the first month was April (Sept mean 7, octo = 8, nove = 9, dec = 10…)

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