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What do you get when you cross Nazis and Bing Crosby? Answer: Audiotape.

Reading an industry mag the other day this one opening paragraph blew me away. So much in just a few sentences, it really intrigued me. Here it is:

At this year’s NAB, I finally heard the bugle sounding “Taps” for tape, that thin ribbon of oxide-coated polyester first descended from Nazi-era paper audiotape used to broadcast German propaganda; then ferreted in a duffel bag by an American serviceman after the fall of Berlin to an LA company called Ampex, then re-engineered in 1948 with Bing Crosby’s money as a U.S. radio recording medium, and then transformed by means of rotary recording into a TV recording medium by NAB 1956, again with Der Bingle’s loot.
Digitial Content Producer June 2006

link iconHere’s the entire article, but probably boring reading for non-industry types.

link iconMore detailed history info here at Wikipedia.

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